Join the startup community in Shibuya, Tokyo,
and grow your business globally.


We help early-stage startups
 with GTM & growth. 

・UP by Shibuya Startup Support is backed by Shibuya City and leading corporations in Japan to create a thriving global startup community.

・Since 2020, Shibuya City has provided resources to global startups. *UP will provide additional support, including PoC, partnerships, strategy consultation, hiring help, and PR.

・We look forward to meeting startups, especially in areas related to the aging of society, anime/game IPs, earthquakes/natural disasters, inbound tourism, culinary culture, and Shibuya's fashion and street culture.

・Welcome applications on a rolling basis from all around the world. Having a local presence is encouraged, and Shibuya Startup Support is available to assist.

*UP is supported by Shibuya Citys resources including:

Shibuya Startup Support: Offers support for setting up your business in Japan, including visa assistance, office space, bank account setup, and legal and accounting services.

Innovation for New Normal: Focuses on proof-of-concept development.

Shibuya Startup Deck: Facilitates partnerships and collaborations.